The Darkness Of The Towers Essay

1517 Words Dec 13th, 2016 7 Pages
He seemed so small as the menacingly tall downtown towers loomed coldly over him, untouched by his troubles. He was out of place here and it shocked me. Couldn’t anybody tell that he didn’t belong here? If they could they didn’t show it. They all passed by with faces as impersonal as the cold walls of the towers. It looked as though he went as unnoticed as the harried pigeons. I know that he wasn’t unnoticed. The passing pedestrians wore the practiced face that every city dweller learns. The face you put on when you walk past the unhoused and insane. I knew the face and I know it still, but I had never seen my brother be the cause of it. But there he was, going mad on the sidewalk, invisible to the passing crowds. It took awhile for him to notice me and so I used that time to watch him. What I saw was wrong. He didn’t belong in these surroundings, his presence here made the whole city seem alien. I no longer knew the streets and the passersby ceased to be neighbors and friends. When his wild darting eyes finally met mine, the transformation was complete. The tall sterile buildings loomed not only over him but over us. He greeted me with a nod and a monotone, “Hey dude”, and I was more caught off guard than I would have been had he spoke only nonsense to me. It came in the middle of his violent screams, screams at the cars, street signs and stores. He had seemed so small, angry and scared only seconds before. Perhaps he wasn’t…

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