The Darkness Of The Forest Essay

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Elian crouched low and moved to merge into the darkness of the forest.
The thicket of trees blessing him with safety, as he tried to find his way to the meeting.
“I hope this is the right way,” he thought.
He ran left, then right, here, then there, as he danced with the limbs of the forest.
The limbs stretched far and wide, jagged and slender, tearing Elian’s skin as he went.
His blood exposed to the crisp autumn breeze, but he endured the pain and the cold refusing to turn back.
He knew this could be his only chance to cleanse himself, even though it was leading him into the unknown.
“I’m almost there,” breathed Elian.
He halted heavily in his run before coming to a complete stop, in order to catch his breath.
Elian reached his pale slender arm to the nearest tree for support, huffing in and out, allowing the air to fill his lungs.
“Okay, I better go over my routine once more,” he said trying to remember all the details in his head.
“First, I have to make my way to the border of Liadren by traveling through the Forest of Falore. Check.” He paused for a moment.
“There I’ll need to meet Dain and Cark near the edge of the forest with their payment.” Elian paused again before realizing his mistake.
“Payment…shit the payment!” Elian fanatically shuffled his pockets, inside and out, as nothing but lent fell from his torn brown pants.
The payment was gone. He felt his heart sink into his chest. The weight of his mistake made it almost unbearable to accept.
“This can’t be…

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