The Dark Side Of Having It All Essay

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The Dark Side of Having It All

As I walked into the village of Gokakope, I see an infant drinking water from a bottle.

The water inside the bottle was so dirty you could not see through it. I thought, “ They must have

scooped it from a mud puddle.” As I watch this my heart begins to sink and I feel my left hand tighten

as I look down at the bottled water in my own hand. My clean, fresh , never opened, and purified water.

I walk towards the mother and baby and ask my translator to ask her if I may have the baby bottle.

“Excuse me, Miss, but may I have your baby bottle?.” She looks puzzled but cautiously hands it over.

I smile and poor out the contaminated water onto the ground , open my water and poor it inside. Before

I can look up, I see a tear hit that red dirt , it is absorbed almost immediately, it is so dry and hot. I look

up to the mother who is crying silent tears with a smile from ear to ear. I hand it back to her. She passes

off the baby and grabs me so tight I think I might stop breathing. She whispers, “Akpe ne wo”.

“Thank you”, says the translator.

We all take things for granted. Until I walked amongst the poorest of the poor, I never realized

just how unappreciative I had become. Selfishness had come in and taken over like the darkness of the

night. Numb, not ever thinking of anybody 's needs but my own. Not stopping to think, Man, we have

so much in America. Everything right at our finger tips. Come with me as I share my journey into the…

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