Essay on The Dark Side Of Depression

1109 Words Oct 16th, 2015 5 Pages
The Dark Side You ask me what depression is? I’ll be sure to inform you. I sit all alone from sun up to sundown. Silence. No one comforting me. I have no one. Listen, that’s not all. Don’t ignore me. I know exactly what this is. Understand where I 'm coming from. Feel my exhausted, lost, and failing body. Depression is exhausting. Do you know what exhausted feels like? Try falling into depression. Being tired rises to a whole new level. I sit in bed exhausted as ever. I try to fall asleep, but it’s not that easy. I lay there, telling myself sleep is the only cure to depression. I lay in pure darkness. I’m all covered up in my big warm comforter, watching the fan spin around. I can hear the clock sound. Tick, tick, tick. The sound never gets old. The clock reads 11:35 PM. I force myself to go to bed, but depression doesn 't allow me to. Depression and I have an ongoing conversation. It laughs as I’m so tired. It is sure to remind me of all my screw ups. Think I can ignore it? As a matter of fact, it 's not that easy.It feels like a train horn keeping me up. It’s finally time. I fall asleep. It is not long when my alarm clock rings. I sit up, tired as can be. It will not be long before I have to get ready for school. Depression is wide awake with me. It tells me I’m worthless and no one at school wants to see me. I lay back in bed sobbing because I know it is true. I drag my comforter from my feet up to my head and try to fall asleep again. I am so exhausted. This process is…

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