The Dark Net Is A Dangerous Place On The Computer Essay

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Dark Net
The Dark Net is a computer network with restricted access that is used chiefly for illegal peer-to-peer file sharing. The dark net is a dangerous place on the computer, but are you safe from it? There were a few questions I asked myself about the dark net. Can the police control the dark net? Should the community be worried about the information on the dark net? What is my opinion on the dark net?
The dark net is a place where visitors feel "safe", by being able to hide their internet protocol. The authorities like the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) are trying to minimize the quantity and quality of users on the dark net. Headline from The Intercept: "FBI Director Claims Tor and the 'Dark Web ' Won 't Let Criminals Hide From His Agents" proves that the FBI can find and locate the people distributing illegal documents (child pornography, advertisement for assassinations, drug deals) (Howell O’Neill, 2015). The headline isn 't just a scare tactic which some users of the dark net think. The FBI have recently arrested the creator of "Pedo Empire," Matthew David Graham, a 22 year old Australian. In 2013, the FBI arrested Ross Ulbricht for creating and operating the Silk Road drug market (Howell O’Neill, 2015). These are just two arrests, but they prove that no-one can hide from the authorities. The advantages of the FBI arresting some of these Dark Net criminals it minimizes the dark net usage and it also makes people fearful that they could get caught, so they…

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