Essay about The Dark Knight

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After reading The Odyssey Book 5-8, it came to my attention that the modern world of today and the classical myths of the past have somewhat different beliefs on what a trickster is all about. The current myth I am going to use come from the movie The Dark Knight(2008), where we are introduced to a trickster known as the Joker. The Joker is a villain who dresses up as a clown and commits crimes. In addition to being a villain he is also consider a criminal mastermind due to his ingenuity when it comes to the creation of chaos. The Joker has no real motif when committing crimes beside his desire to show people the unimportance of life through death and pain. As a trickster, he constantly tries to adjust his personality in order to respond to the world and feet in with everyone else but his way of doing so is rather evil then good which is different than the trickster (Hermes) introduced to us in The Odyssey.
As we now know that myth is about the time the stories are being told, I believe that through the ages, the mythic characteristics that define a trickster have changed. In classical mythology a trickster was more of a character who controls and manipulates boundaries in order to win fame. The characteristic of a trickster back then was this belief that a trickster should have certain attributes such as being a psychopomp (guider of souls), a liar, a thief, and even someone who’s able to persuade others. But one of the classical myth beliefs that differs from our modern…

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