Essay on The Dark Knight By Christopher Nolan

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The Dark Knight, directed by Christopher Nolan, is an action movie that has a whole bunch of twist and turns; there is never a dull moment. The movie is based off of the Batman comic books, taking elements from both Knightfall and The Long Halloween. Nolan incorporates elements from the comics, but adds a twist so the audience could see the perception of good and evil being blurred together. Batman signifies the good side and the Joker signifies for the evil side. Throughout the movie, there is a whirlwind of chaos between the two characters. Batman’s main focus is to stop the Joker from destroying and hurting the citizens of Gotham, regardless of the cost. Director Christopher Nolan considered the audience when choosing his method of filming. Nolan stated this film was shot using a wider lens versus the usual lens so that the audiences experience is larger than reality. The style of the film that Nolan chose was to make the film feel dark and sinister. Batman, the good side, has one rule throughout the entire movie and that is that he cannot kill anyone. Batman believes that the law should punish the wrong, not him because his intent is to do good for the citizens. Although the law sometimes did illegal things, they often depended upon Batman to do what they could not do. Throughout the movie, you begin to notice that Batman seems to always be surrounded by lighting. The lighting is to represent the goodness of Batman. The bright Batman light on the top of the…

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