Essay The Dark End Of The Street

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As a young Asian girl in 1990s, freshly arrived in America from Korea, I was pretty ignorant about the history of the Women’s movement in the U.S over time I have come to appreciate African American’s struggle. This book tells in different perspective of sexual terror and violence suffered by black women in the civil rights movement, rape, sexual abuse and tortures done by white men on black women. It documented how the Civil Rights Movement got it started to protect the black women hoods. At the Dark End of the Street is an important new approach to understanding the longstanding history of sexual violence against black women in the south. Lot of the rapes started out with a white man showing up to black woman’s house and offered the promising job. Some was gang rapes just like when Mrs. Recy Taylor was raped as many as seven white men forced her in to their car, drove her to an abandoned area to take advantage of her many times… At the Dark End of the Street also indicates Rosa Park’s early activism and also as an investigator for the Montgomery, Alabama, NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, a civil rights organization for ethnic minorities in the United States formed in 1909) how cruel gang rape of Recy Taylor in Abbeville Alabama in 1944 that showed attention and shame of black women by white men. Rosa Park had no previous experience to fight in justice of black women and shows how black male activists used Rosa Parks’s clean image to…

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