Essay on The Dark Blue Of Sky

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The sky is clear, barely any clouds break up the beautiful autumn sunset. It almost looked like a painting in an art gallery, or a picture some fancy person would have on their wall. The orange and yellow slowly giving way to deep dark bluish purple. She could stare at this beauty for hours never getting bored, she believes spending time alone in nature is one of life’s many pleasures. The few clouds in the sky add to the beauty by taking on different hues from the sunset, some clouds are warm and yellow while others seem to already be the dark blue of night. The sun is going further and further down on the horizon,
A young woman walks through a colorless forest the sky getting darker with every step. Every movement filled with purpose and excitement she takes in the world around her as she walks along, she is going to meet her boyfriend in their special place. The leaves crunch under her brown leather boots, and the lifeless branches reach out almost like hands grabbing at her red coat. She pulls her hair back into a low pony, then grabs her earmuffs from her coat pocket. The blue color complements her dark hair, her boyfriend, Tom, had given it to her just two weeks before. He said that when he saw it he couldn’t not get it for her. She brushes up against another tree branch and almost trips over the roots of a giant tree before she stops daydreaming. Tom had been so busy lately, this is the first time they will see each other since he gave her the earmuffs. She wonders…

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