The Dark And Twisted World Of Eating Disorders Essay

2048 Words Dec 8th, 2016 9 Pages
The dark and twisted world of eating disorders has often been cast into the shadows of America’s attention. Anorexia, in particular, silently plagues one in two hundred American woman. Kelsey Osgood’s tale of her journey with anorexia shed some light on the severe and twisted reality of anorexia. She delineates key issues and aspects of eating disorders in How to Disappear Completely, a book in which she takes a raw look at modern anorexia in America. Osgood candidly writes about her experiences as being a life-long anorexic, and opens up a worthwhile dialogue about eating disorders. She vividly describes why she stayed anorexic for so long, and the type of comfort she felt from it. What I found most interesting of all in the book is when she described the difference between true anorexia and “wannarexia”. She later goes on to describe the self-harm that she inflicted, and the intense shame that she felt throughout a majority of her life. Overall, I personally found it shocking yet remarkable about how open and candid she was about her disease. The mental hardship and trauma she went through, I would imagine, would be very difficult to talk about, yet she does so eloquently. I appreciate her willingness to share her story about her eating disorder, as it is an important topic to be discussed in order for real improvement in mental health care to be enabled. One of the most interesting points made in this story was that Osgood’s main goal was not o be thin in order…

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