The Dark And Dreary Writing Style Of Edgar Allan Poe Essay

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The dark and dreary writing style of Edgar Allan Poe did not come from a man with a wonderful, glorious life. It did not come from a man that had no worries, no problems (either economically, spiritually, or relationally); it did not come from a man who had thoughts of rainbows and unicorns nor even cute and cuddly bunnies. No, this writing style, which made Edgar Allan Poe so famous, had come from a man that had struggled throughout his life to find happiness, who struggled to barely make ends meet, who wanted most to be loved by those who were the closest to him. As a young child Poe’s mother died of tuberculosis and his father had abandoned him. Later he struggled with the death of his young wife and foster mother. These events had presented Poe with much grief and sorrow; they brought a depression upon him that he carried for the rest of his life. A burden that he would relieve through writing. He would write many types of literature; such as poems, short stories, novels, and even one play, among many reviews. Of those things Poe’s “The Tell-Tale Heart”, “The Cask of Amontillado”, and “The Pit and the Pendulum” all share similarities of his life and clearly express his feelings of fear, hatred and just his overall dreary gruesome feelings and thoughts.
In almost all of Poe’s works the main characters share at least one or more of many similarities. Similarities such as sharpened acute senses or the urge to rid themselves of something that has plagued them, like a…

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