The Dark Ages Of The Middle Ages Essay

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Since the dawn of time man has forged their existence into the very essence of earth and through the blood sweat and tears have embedded it throughout the ages to come. The middle Ages as perceived to be the dark ages was not entirely in a sense of pure and hellish anarchy as viewed by its name, if we were to view it from a historical perspective we can see that the dark ages represented a key foundation in bridging the classical and modern aspects of society but due the time lapse an epoch of illiteracy, barbarism, corruption we come to understand this time period as the dark ages. The dark ages can ultimately be defined with three prominent factors such as the rise and reform of literature, the revival of monarch control and reinvestment of god.

During the medieval ages the glorious age of knighthood valor and chivalry of man, the political fervor shifted from the government and gave way to the rise of the monarchs during this time period. Essentially this brought about the age of feudalism bringing medieval Europe what became to know as a feudal society ‘’the nobility, the clerics and the peasantry bonds of manorialism.’’ With this feudal system the rise of royalty grew significantly more powerful, the rulers created central authority based on the growth of national kingdom, declining of Church authority during late middle ages and Reformation, and support of middle class who were hoping for promised business opportunities. They were absolute monarchs and believed in…

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