The Dangers Of Weight Loss Essay

1192 Words Dec 10th, 2016 5 Pages
There are scams everywhere, and nothing comes for free in this cruel world. However, people still fall prey to the gimmicks that offer products and services for free. This is a big misconception, and a market gimmick that is driven to vulnerable people who are desperate to get something without working or paying for it. It is just not true. Something that seems too good to be true usually is. There all kinds of products that are marketed and advertised. The main focus that most of these schemers are going for is the world 's desperation to be thin, and lose weight. There are so many makers and manufacturers of diet products that are staking their claims on weight loss products that guarantee you weight loss, and they say it is all free. Do you think that pills that are free for weight loss are really free? There is a particular brand that is guilty at its in fallacies. This brand is nite trim, they produce these false weight loss stories to get people to believe that you can lose weight when consuming their specially formed pills. Instantly you are supposed to drop weight, and notice. These promises are that you will fit in those skinny jeans again, as you once did. That is before the weight gain, and babies took a toll on your body. Can you believe that this manufacturer also states that once you obtain your goal that it will automatically and instantly tone your body? Yeah right! You can lose all this weight while you sleep without exercise. But be cautious nite trim…

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