The Dangers Of Violent Video Games

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Violent Video Games
Several years ago the technology and child’s play were not such as extremely developed as today. Thousands of teenagers have video games as their primary form of entertainment at home and the disagreement about this topic is because they focus in a several subjects such as violence scenes, sex, hostile, racism and other resource. For many years, researchers have been debating if video games can cause dependence or nor. However, an expert such as Jack Flanagan believes video games have a really negative effect on a person’s life and even on children. Jack states that video game addiction exits, and can have the same effects as drugs and alcohol (Netzley 36-37). This show that video game addiction can be like any other addiction, and can be
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Van states “The resulting excessive amounts of time spent on playing video games can be severely disruptive to school, work, and ‘real life’ social contacts” (2). This explain that in some cases, children or teenager cut off themselves, and children want to spend more time playing video games, and avoid social interactions that make them hostile and antisocial. Another research believes that extracurricular activities are important for children. The outdoors activities can help children to avoid having feelings such as anxiety, hostility, and others. Moreover, it is important to take steps to help children stop playing video games for more than 4 hours straight and do not let video games get in the way in child’s chores such as homework, help at home, and do not lose the interaction with their friends because this would affect their sociability. It is important to keep children busy but not only with video games, getting away from dangers of electronic entertainment and knowing how to educate them to bring a health life for children. (Keeping Violent Games Away From Kids

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