The Dangers Of Violence In Video Games

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Guns firing, blood spraying, and body parts flying this is violence in video games. Many concerned parents believe this to be dangerous to their children 's health. Contrary to popular belief, “video games are actually good for children both mentally and physically,” as stated by “the British Medical Journal.” Video games, as of late, have been increasing in violent content involving large amounts of killing in brutal ways. Many people jump to the conclusion that this causes violence amongst the gamers themselves. This is not as true as people believe. Video game content actually has very little to do with the behavior of the player. Gamers themselves have been given a bad name do to the large amount of stereotypes about gamers. Video games …show more content…
According to a study done by “” those that played faster video games had better peripheral vision than that of those that didn’t or played very little. They took a group of teenagers and had half of them play Call of Duty, which is a first person shooter that relies on the quick reactions of the player, while the other half played the Sims, which is a life simulation game. Those that played the Call of Duty had greater peripheral vision from the quick reacting to the game content, and those that played The Sims had worse peripheral vision because in this game, they did not have to rely on quick reactions. This shows that violent video games may have some bad content, but it is the fighting that helps the players peripheral vision by making them look close to everything. Video games have also been shown to increase the age of the player as found by a study done by “The University of Iowa, on” It is well known that working out keeps a person’s body in shape Well, they found out that playing video games is like working out only for the player’s brain. It was discovered that playing fast paced games keep people 's minds active and able to respond quicker to events. They estimated that playing 10 hours of video games has the potential to add seven years to the player’s life span. A test was run to see if playing video games could aid the players in hand eye coordination. The medical students at “The University of Texas,” took a group of high school students, college students, and medical students and had them all do a virtual surgery game to see which groups hand eye cooidination was the best. It was found that the high schoolers had the best hand eye coordination, for they all had played video games for at least two hours a day while the college and medical students hadn’t had the time to play video games. Now this

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