The Dangers Of Traveling Out Of The Distance

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During this time, it was beginning to become more common to travel to other parts of the world. If a person was to travel across borders, flying, was and still is, the best option. Security at airports in the ‘80s was almost nonexistent and a passenger would only need to arrive at the airport about twenty minutes prior to their departure time (Meltzer). Traveling out of the distance was stress free due to the absence of airport security.
When the Berlin Wall in Germany fell in 1989, countries such as Russia and the Czech Republic became new tourist destinations for many types of travelers (“Introduction to Tourism”). Bali was another destination on the radar of those searching for a nice place to visit. The tourist boom in 1970 caused Bali
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Only 11 percent of travelers will cherish these moments with friends (Backs). Of these tourists, the average age is 47.5 years old (“Travel Facts and Statistics”). The majority will be dragging out their trips to at least one week-long. Domestic travels will mostly take place in California, Florida, and New York (Backs). Big cities with entertainment attractions receive lots of couples in search of getaways (O’Grady). Some families prefer to witness the world’s natural beauty at Yellowstone National Park. This reserve hosts approximately 4 million visits each year; the majority of these visits occur between the months of May and September (“Yellowstone”). Not everyone gets a thrill out of nature, which is why theme parks are another type of attraction. Theme parks have seen a large increase in attendance over the years (Mauney). Specifically, Disney parks make up 4 of the world’s 20 most-visited attractions ("World 's Most-Visited Tourist Attractions”). There are numerous activities that appeal to vacationers with all types of interests, Visiting a new country can be a wonderful experience unless the tourist becomes overwhelmed with illness. Diseases can travel as easily as people, so when visiting unfamiliar territory one must make sure that they are up-to-date on their vaccines (Eisenberg). With our advances in medicine and technology today, people are aware of the importance of getting immunizations prior to their

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