The Dangers Of The Tobacco Industry Essay

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Advertising has affected millions and enticed the minds of many throughout decades. Whether it be a disturbing image about child hunger you pass on the freeway or your favorite superbowl commercial, everyone one has seen an ad. What many fail to recognize is the powerful effect these seemingly harmless posters and commercials have on society. Advertising today is filled with covert tricks that manipulate our thinking and change the way we act, but often not in a positive manor. The fact that smoking is life threatening is common knowledge for the majority of Americans in today’s society. Then why do so many people still smoke? How are cigarette stores and companies still in business? Advertisements. Although most smoking ads we see today are geared towards teaching us of the harmful effects of nicotine and other substances, many are still encouraging it. The tobacco industry has just had to become more tricky about the way they advertise. “...the tobacco industry will adapt, preserve, and remain a vivid testament to the power of advertising.” (Source B). Many are still tricked into the idea, “...that the majority of people smoke.” (Source B). Ads such as these often depict smoking as “cool” or they will glamorize it to appeal to the viewers. Advertising has played a vital role in the entire matter. These ads are used to silently and covertly trick people into believing false realities and leading Americans down less than desired path.
Advertising is very…

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