The Dangers Of The Pet Food Industry

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The pet food industry has grown throughout the years, where more food products have come out by different commercial companies that explore the idea of pet food as nutritious and healthy but do we really know what the food product contains?
There are millions of pet owners who feed their pets commercial food, which they think is “safe and nutritious” as the labels conceive them to be, but hidden combinations of ingredients are causing pet consumers to get serious side effects, which is also leading to death. Carter quotes “Americans spend over $58 billion for their pets. $22 billion alone, is spent on pet food and most of the pet food given is low quality, but labels state that they are beneficial and advertize that animals gain
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Mahaney quotes “All feed grade food is lower quality than human grade food, which means that pets are getting lower quality food, that is leading to illnesses.”(“Pet Food: The Good, the Bad, and the Healthy”).
The FDA has approved that a vast majority of pet food is safe as the article "Dangerous Dog Food?” Claims that they have gone through a process on where they are checked for quality and that the pet food is now safe to be eaten by pets, which it is believed that the higher quality food and the most expensive products are the ones, which are the “safe” products. Are they really safe? The article explains that many dogs have gotten sick due to the food company called Beneful. The food contains ingredients, which are toxic to human systems and animals; antifreeze and propylene were found.
Pet food recalls of 2007 caused 8,500 deaths of cats and dogs and recalls are now becoming more frequent and the numbers are increasing throughout the years. It is also included in the article that “human salmonella contamination is linked to dry dog and cat food between the times of

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