The Dangers Of The Internet Essay example

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Dangers of the Internet A decade ago, the Internet was not used as much. However, today, the Internet serves as a powerful tool throughout the world. From chat rooms to a collection of resources, the net connects people from all over the world. While the Internet provides a variety of advantages, many people should be aware of its disadvantages: computer hacking, Dark Web, and cyber bullying. Computer hacking is a problem in today’s Internet advancements. Hackers are people who illegally access information in a computer system. In “Computer Hacking” Marcia Clemmitt claims:
Hackers made headlines this year when the international protest group anonymous shut down government and corporate websites and U.S. and European police moved in. But likely more significant than the antics of so-called ‘hacktivists’ is rising interest by corporations, government security officials and internet companies in hiring ‘good’ hackers, who can counter attacks by ‘bad’ hackers -cybercriminals “ (757).
In other words, computer hacking is a growing trend in today’s society; therefore, there is increased necessity for harmless hackers to stop the vicious acts of cybercriminals. For instance, the FBI and the Pentagons cyber defense teams also hoped to discharge the shortages in cyber security by accepting hackers to help secure. In this case, hiring hackers will help them have more security, since these fellas know the internet like the back of their hand (759). That is to say, the…

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