The Dangers Of Texting And Driving Essay

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It 's Time to put a Stop To: Texting and Driving

Teen texting and driving has become a serious issue in the United States leading to accidents and deaths. Young adults have become accustomed to driving and using their cellular devices at the same time. This behavior is known as multitasking and is the main reason leading to irresponsible driving habits. These habits lead to accidents and death statistics establish “11 teens die everyday as a result of texting while driving” (Riddle). It is essential to decrease the amount of accidents and fatal deaths caused by texting and driving. Multitasking is dangerous and should not be done while conducting a motor vehicle, “Genuine multitasking, has been exposed as a myth, not just by laboratory studies but by the familiar sight of an S.U.V. undulating betweens lanes as the driver cuts deals on his cellphone”(Pinker). A teenager who is continuously taking their eyes off the road to respond to a text is creating a hazard for all other civilians on the road. A distracted driver on the road can only result in two outcomes: accidents or death.

In order to reduce the possibilities of teens texting and driving, social campaigns should be executed via social media. These organized campaigns will be easily accessible to teens because the majority of the population using social media sites are teens. The social campaigns will expose teenagers to the dangers of texting while driving. This will put into question “can one text…

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