The Dangers Of Teenage Pregnancy Essay

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Entering teenage years exposes an individual to a different world aside from the bliss one typically lives in. Teenagers begin different hobbies and have different interests. When living in Starke, Florida, with very little resources for pastime, teenagers are limited to activities. The only things to do are have sex, get drunk, explore drugs, or commit crimes. This type of lifestyle leads to teen pregnancy, drug and alcohol abuse, and crime. These factors hinder the teen population 's futures and well being. To eliminate these possibilities, an alternative objective needs to be considered; such as a recreational center. A promising place offering social time, sports, education, and most importantly a caring environment. The ' 'Youth of the
World ' ' center 's initiative is to see the teen as a person not statistic, help improve a teen 's lifestyle, and explore a world of talents. Although the community may argue the program will fail, help our future leaders better themselves. A teenager living in the city of Starke are seen as numbers rather than a person.
In the city of Starke, everyone is accounted for in a series of data. In this particular case it is teen pregnancy, crime rates, and drug and alcohol abuse that is of concern. Data has shown, the pregnacy rate within the last three years show twenty percent or higher of teens fifteen to nineteen years old. ' ' (florida charts). Data also shows, ' ' 1 in 33 of the 5,397 count…

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