The Dangers Of Teenage Depression Essay

1315 Words Dec 20th, 2014 6 Pages
For thousands of years, the world has encountered countless problematic dilemmas, some of which still remain unresolved to this day. One of these surviving issues that affects the younger population is teenage depression. As teenagers voyage on their long path of self-understanding and maturity, they are prone to stress and frustration. During this crucial phase of “coming of age”, many teens are unable to cope with their new responsibilities, and fear what lies ahead in the future. Others face social issues or lack self-esteem and confidence. The causes are endless, but the outcome remains the same.
Over the years, doctors and other healthcare professionals have developed knowledge and treatments to diagnose and treat depression. However, often times, the victim feels misunderstood and reluctant to seek out professional assistance. When given treatment though, most patients are able to recover and continue to enjoy their lives once more with few long term effects. There are many methods that can be used to prevent depression before the condition becomes more severe. The prevention of this widespread predicament is essential in reducing the amount of affected teens.
Teenagers are the next generation so it is important to love, guide, protect, and prepare them to be the future adult population. The first step in understanding our young adolescents is to understand depression itself. After years of research, professionals have discovered how the brain and victims are…

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