The Dangers Of Technology In Alone Together By Sherry Turkle

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“Technology is supposed to make our lives easier, allowing us to do things more quickly and efficiently. But too often it seems to make things harder, leaving us with fifty-button remote controls, digital cameras with hundreds of mysterious features.” (James Surowiecki) Whether or not it is known, technology has become too heavily relied upon. It is replacing important social factors such as, life skills and communication skills. While technology is created to be beneficial, there must be a point in time where we draw the line. Once face-to-face conversations begin to extinguish, this means that there is too much focus on the “screen culture”. In her writing, “Alone Together”, Sherry Turkle talks about how individuals overuse technology to …show more content…
Instead, technology is continuously used and the users are so distracted that they do not recognize any harm being done. Technology is always updating and producing new inventions, the reason for this is because technology is not perfect. So this means that there is always room for improvements. There are still flaws in technology, including things such as printers jamming, internet crashing, and phone calls dropping. Why is it that, even with all of these flaws, people still rely on technology? Turkle talks about people having the desire to have a robotic relationship in place of a real human relationship. She discusses a girl who wanted to “trade in her boyfriend ‘for a sophisticated Japanese robot’ if the robot would produce what she called ‘caring behavior’... She was looking for a ‘no-risk relationship’ that would stave off loneliness” (Turkle 269-270). This may compose the question, the same way that technological devices always need improvement, won’t the robots need improvement at one point. The robot may generate a mistake or even be missing the new and improved characteristics of a human being. These characteristics can include the ability to have a meaningful conversation rather than a conversation limited to a scripted vocabulary. The individual’s personal abilities are being limited by dating a robot. A human to human conversation can elicit bountiful different topics of discussion and enlighten the beholders of the conversation. When having a conversation you are able to express your opinions and give off a different perspective of things. A robot would only be able to give but so much input considering that you need some type of experience to have a perspective on something. Not only is the robot limiting the conversation to a certain degree, it is also limiting the individual 's ability to expand on his or her

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