The Dangers Of Technology And Technology Essay

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The Dangers of Technology
Technology is becoming a huge part in societies today and is steadily growing around the world. Most of the time technology is intended to do good for people, but other times, technology creates problems, and can lead to negative outcomes. Humans have become very dependent on technology and that dependency will only grow as time moves on. While the people described in “The Machine Stops” and the people today can be compared through a discussion of the technology available to each-communication, entertainment, transportation, and daily life, both groups of people share the potential of technology control.
Communication plays a big role in both “The Machine Stops” and in today’s world. The people in “The Machine Stops” use video chat and computers to talk to each other. Everyone has a screen in their room which displays the face of whoever they are talking to. Video chat is typically the most used form of communication, although there are other methods of talking to someone, such as computers. In “The Machine Stops,” people can use their computers to type messages to each other if they do not want to speak directly to a person with their voices. Today, we still have video chat, and most people have a smartphone, which can do just about anything that a normal computer is capable of. For instance, in “The Machine Stops,” people would have to get on their computer to use video chat, and in today’s world, anyone who has a smartphone can use video chat…

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