Essay on The Dangers Of Smoking During Pregnancy

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Tobaco use has always been a problem in the United States. Over the years, tobacco remains the single largest preventable cause of death and diseases. According to CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention), "cigarette-smoking kills more than 480,000 Americans each year, about 17% of those deaths were from exposure to secondhand smoke”. One of those victims of secondhand smoke would be an infant whose life hasn’t begun yet. In the United States, according to a study of 39 states and New York City, about 11% of expecting mothers stated smoking during their pregnancy (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2014). Smoking during pregnancy leads to very severe consequences for both the mother and the unborn child; that is why my research on mothers who continue to smoke knowing it’s lethal to their unborn child. Although most women are conscious of the harmful risk of tobaco usage, this often isn’t sufficient to make them stop smoking (Haslam & draper, 2001). Therefore, I believe elevated anxiety levels and l distress and depression cause mothers to smoke during their pregnancy in order for them to cope with the multiple behaviors and emotions a pregnancy incites.
Introduction of Factors in Smoking While Pregnant In this article, they believe nicotine dependence is a fundamental reason why individuals continue using tobacco. Yet, several other studies show that social and environmental factors have shown that pregnant women are more likely to smoke if they are less…

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