The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarettes Essay

808 Words Dec 4th, 2014 4 Pages
Deadly Smoke More than 16 million Americans suffer from a disease caused from smoking cigarettes, and one out of every five deaths is due to smoking cigarettes (“Fast Facts”). Cigarettes have been around for centries, and it is obvious that there are many negative side effects in result of smoking cigarettes. Even though many are aware of these negative side effects, one might find themselves in a situation that drives them to smoke anyway. Whether it is peer pressure, stress, or the pursuit for social acceptance, new smokers are accumulated every day. More people are becoming addicted to cigarettes due to multiple different reasons. Tobacco advertisements continue to flood our media, and with the world as their audience, tobacco companies are continuously attracting new smokers. Young adults see family, friends, and celebrities smoking and are easily influenced into believeing it is the “cool” thing to do. Children are exposed to cigarettes and faced with constant peer pressure making them more prone to smoking. According to the American Lung Association, every day, almost 3,900 children under 18 years of age try their first cigarette, and more than 950 of them will become new, regular daily smokers. Half of them will ultimately die from their habit ("Children and Teens: American Lung Association"). Some adults may find comfort in smoking a cigarette while they encounter a stressful time in their life, which can lead to becoming addicted and smoking frequently. The…

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