The Dangers Of Smoking Cigarettes Essay

2007 Words Dec 5th, 2016 9 Pages
“Cynical Soothsayers of Mammon, Cigarette Manufacturers and Their Ads” When cigarettes first began to be smoked in the 1860’s, no-one knew of the harmful effects that the constant daily smoking of them causes; that it is harmful to all and fatal to some. The earliest cigarette ads reveal this blissful ignorance in their simplicity and claims. In fact, the first large-scale cigarette ads concentrated largely on ease of use, flavor, and smoothness and even healthiness of use (Proctor 87). However, by the 1940’s smoking cigarettes had been linked to cancer and cigarette manufacturers decided upon a cynical strategy in order to continue to sell their deadly wares (Proctor 87). They determined that they would ignore and downplay the known deadly consequences of using their products and instead redirect consumer focus with spurious association with medical professionals implying they were actually healthy, appeals to individualism, sexuality, and adventure. Instead of taking a moral position that recognized the dangers of smoking cigarettes as a tobacco or nicotine delivery system, cigarette manufacturers brazenly chose to advertise that their products facilitate the very things that they, in fact destroy, health, liberty, vitality, and life itself. In choosing profits over people’s lives, cigarette advertisers have revealed themselves to be Cynical Soothsayers of Mammon. Any average person might honestly question my argument simply on the basis that cigarettes are still…

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