The Dangers Of Smoking And Smoking Essay

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The purpose of an advertisement isn’t always about persuading someone into buying a product or service. Sometimes, and almost always nowadays, advertisements persuade people to stop doing some sort of issue. They help raise awareness of serious issues in the country. Additionally, advertisements that are anti-smoking are being promoted to help educate those on the hazards of smoking and what risks you take when you smoke. This advertisement helps raise awareness through a clever image of showing bullets protruding out of the front of the cigarette; relating the cigarette to a gun, which kills. The purpose of this advertisement is to get those who smoke to stop and those who don’t smoke to never do it by emphasizing that smoking kills. The effects of smoking of people travels across many spectrums. The first and obvious effect is death. Smoking is one of the leading causes of death of those with lung cancer. The advertisement shows how deadly smoking is by picturing bullets inside of the cigarette rather than the tobacco that would be there; tobacco is what keeps those who smoke, to keep smoking. The image of bullets protruding out of the cigarette create a form of threat that when viewers see this, they are frightened to see the change and it makes them think that basically tobacco and bullets do the same thing, kill. Without the use of this imagery, the cigarette would just be a normal cigarette and that isn’t going to make a point. These advertisements are persuasive when…

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