The Dangers Of Juveniles And Children Essay

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Juveniles/children today are often exposed to many risk factors that can reportedly be linked to their chance of committing a crime. These risk factors do not guarantee that a child will ever commit a crime, but it greatly increases their risk. It is considered that these events in a child’s life can greatly impact their rationality, social skills, and even their ability to cope with difficult situations. Taking the effects of the risks and the causes of the risks into consideration when determining why an individual committed a crime. Children exposed to risk factors have a greater chance of leading a life of crime than those not exposed to risk factors.
Risk factors can be defined as a factor that increases an individual’s chance of committing a crime, such as: abuse, neglect, and lack of affection. When these factors are prevalent in a child it can cause misbehavior, disobedience, and even a life of criminality. Juveniles/children in this sense can be defined as anyone under the age of 18.
Juveniles today are often becoming more involved in crimes, whether it be the victim of a sexual assault, or a suspect of a robbery; it is important to communicate with the individual and try to interpret their situation in the crime. Juveniles brains and thought processes are still developing throughout puberty and into young adulthood, so it could be said that these individuals do not have the cognition to make rational decisions at every waking moment. It is especially…

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