The Dangers Of Jealousy In Othello By William Shakespeare

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Jealousy is the ultimate effect of getting swallowed by love. It’s so dangerous that not only does it motivate a villain to ruin the lives of other people, but it also haunts the hero and motivates them to destroy their relationship with others . Othello by Williams Shakespeare is a play about a hero who gets fooled by jealousy and manipulation that it leads him to destroy his relationship with his wife and his most trusted friend. Othello, a moor, is generally a calm person who has a role of a general over the Venetian army. He falls in love with Desdemona, the daughter of Brabantio, who feels pity for his dangerous stories and eventually falls in love with Othello as well. She elopes with him and creates hatred within her father. Most of …show more content…
Othello has a handkerchief that he gives to Desdemona when he falls in love. The handkerchief is from and old lady who gave it to Othello’s grandmother. He referred to her as a witch, which portrays the stereotypes of a moor. To Othello, as long as she has the handkerchief, she is faithful. Nevertheless, Iago convinces Emilia to get him the handkerchief. Desdemona accidentally drops it and Emilia takes it. Emilia, not knowing what Iago’s plan is, gives it to him. Iago takes the handkerchief and plants it in Cassio’s room. Iago purposely calls Cassio to make it look like they are talking about Desdemona, when they are really talking about Bianca. Bianca walks in the room as Othello hides and listens. She is furious and throws the handkerchief back to Cassio, who only gave it to her to copy the artwork. Othello is convinced that Desdemona gave the handkerchief to Cassio and one day, he gets upset when Desdemona tries to help Cassio get his position back.. In front of Lodevico, Desdemona’s cousin, and others, “Othello strikes her” (4.1.231). Othello puts himself in a position where Lodevico and the others think that he is aggressive and uneducated. They could not believe that Othello smacked the love of his life. Othello creates his downfall by portraying himself as the stereotypes of a moor such as: being aggressive, uneducated, and selfish. All this because he doubts Desdemona and …show more content…
Desdemona has been nothing but faithful to Othello and helpful towards Cassio. From the beginning of the play, she loves Othello with all her heart and so does he. Othello is fully manipulated by Iago that Desdemona is cheating on him with Cassio. Othello enters their bedroom and wakes Desdemona up from his sleep. Othello emphasizes that he is going to kill her, and Desdemona asks him why. Othello, filled with anger, asks Desdemona about the handkerchief he gave her. Desdemona tells Othello many times that she lost it, but Iago has already manipulated Othello into thinking that she gave it to Cassio. Othello had a chance to at least give her the benefit of the doubt, but he does not. Instead, jealousy takes over him and suddenly “He smothers her” (5.2.82). Othello admits to Emilia that he killed Desdemona, and when she asks him why, Othello tells her that Iago opened his eyes to Desdemona 's falsehood. Othello was so blinded with jealousy that he choses to believe Iago, his 3ed-in-command, over his love. Othello chooses to believe Iago because he was swallowed by love and could not handle the thought of Desdemona ever

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