The Dangers Of Internet Privacy And Security And The Internet

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In June 2013, Edward Snowden leaked documents to the world revealing the extent at which the US government had been spying on its own people through the Internet. From being able to track American citizen’s phone records to having programs that revealed almost everything a user does on the internet, the NSA carried out widespread surveillance. In Britain GCHQ isn 't any better, they work closely with their American counterparts; shipping data and other intelligence overseas to them. And even tapping optical fiber cables around the world to collect even more data. Since then, the Internet is still a concerning place in terms of privacy and security.

Over the past few years there has been a spike in levels of terrorism, and now in the cyber
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Another 3 billion people are predicted to have access to the Internet within the next 5 years. These users will primarily be from Africa and parts of Asia. However, the response that these countries have to the Internet are a little worrying, to say the least. Kazakhstan is considering tighter surveillance laws, Bangladesh is suffering through government inspired Internet censorship, and the Pakistani government is making plans to not only snoop on its citizens, and censor the Internet but also to criminalise some significant computer and Internet security research. And in China, home to around 700 million Internet users things are even worse. The country includes Internet companies worth billions that are able to self-sustain themselves without interference from the West. Where we have Google, they have Baidu; where we have Facebook they have Weibo. And these services all play a role in China’s widespread Internet surveillance program. The Guardian found that of 465 of China’s most popular websites, and at least 92% of these websites leak user data to ‘hidden parties’. Considering that this is a communist country in such a state of surveillance it has as many as 20 million security cameras scattered across its lands I’ll let you guess what that could mean. Add on to that the fact that the Chinese government employs 2 million people to search Internet users social media posts in order to check for any activity disapproving of the government, or promoting social unrest and you have what can only be described as an utter

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