The Dangers Of Good Sleep Habits For Soldiers

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Sleeping habit varies from person to person, according to his or her need. There are several reasons that can influence the amount of sleep each individual is able to get. People should not only take school and work into consideration when talking about sleep habits, but also think about the stress situations that is in someone’s life that could lead an individual to have anxiety and in many cases, it could lead to insomnia. In some other cases, the stress level could also lead to depression, causing an individual to want to sleep more and to not get out of bed. The important question is not why people like to sleep a lot or a little; everyone likes a good night’ sleep, but not everyone is able to sleep the amount their body and mind wants them to.
Good sleep habits can also be called good sleep hygiene. According to The Sleep Health Foundation, good sleep hygiene can be achieved simply by the use of common sense, but often life gets busy and gets in the way of it. Adults need to
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Soldiers, for once, have different sleeping schedule when in training, and some of them get used to those few hours of sleep a night while in the military and are not able to sleep more than seven hours per night. The United States Army Public Health Command has published in their website the Best Sleep Habits for Soldiers. In that, they list what are the signs of insufficient sleep, and how to overcome sleep distractors. They advise soldiers to take naps as much as possible to get their seven to eight hours sleep within the day. Lack of sleep can affect soldiers’ mood, attention span, and difficulty staying awake and understanding information, which can lead them to face dangerous situations. It’s also advised to soldiers to develop consistent sleeping schedule, do not drink caffeine before 6 hours before bed, and sleep in safe, quiet place, and finish physical training 3 hours before lights out, among other

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