The Dangers Of Global Warming On Earth, And Boil Fuels

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Global warming, lest talk about that. It is a boost in the temperature of the earth and the globe, which is affecting the poles. Global warming is something we should consider when using fossil fuels. People think global warming is a joke, but is hurting other places in the globe. One main example of a global warming is that the north and South Poles are melting, thus killing some of the animals there. One term you should know is fossil fuel: a natural energy such as coal or gas, formed in the past life forms on the planet earth. Global warming is also destroying natures rivers and lakes, what was once a nice place to visit will soon be dried up or will not look as good as it had before. There needs to be a way to stop this from happening. Glaciers are also melting and this can cause the sea level to rise, and can lead to bad things in the untold future.
People say that the earth is just changing
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It is just as easy as finding a cleaner way to get energy. The effects of global warming are that it is harming those around us. It is destroying natures gifts like mountains, rivers, and the lakes. It is also killing animals in the poles. If the glaciers melt all of them will die which is not ok. And also if they melt it will raise the sea level. The sea can wipe out some of the supports that hold up the houses at the Shoreline. This could be catastrophic; it could wipe out some of the houses on the shoreline. So go out now and help make the world a cleaner place. Start carpooling with friends, getting solar panels, or even better just start using electric instead of gas. It’s that easy, go do it, make the world a better, cleaner place to live. The usage of dangerous gasses that can cause the earth to cripple, the ozone layer, and the use of fossil fuels also cripple the earth. These are effecting the earth and its atmosphere, that is probably something we do not want for our youth, to see when they get

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