The Dangers Of Drug Abuse Essay

710 Words Dec 10th, 2016 3 Pages
The topic that i will be talking about is Threats to Adolescents ' Well-Being. One of the major threats among teens is the use of Illegal Drugs. According to some research that I have done "marijuana" is the most commonly abused illegal drug in the United states. One of the major reasons students are using illegal drugs is due to peer pressuring and some do just for the thrill of it which is terrible. What is even worse and a bigger problem is there are some drugs in which are addictive drugs. Addictive drugs are " drugs that produce a biological or psychological dependence in users, leading to increasingly powerful cravings for them" (Feldman, 375). During adolescence, a young person goes through biological and psychological changes. Therefore, the teenage years are very important for that reason it is important to maintain a healthy behavior/lifestyle during those years. The dangers that it poses to ones self is that drug abuse can impact the brain 's ability to function normally, creating problems with memory. I have not experienced anything like this nor do I know anyone that has but i have heard plenty of stories. My father once told me a story about this one friend he had lets say his name was Junior. Junior was a very successful guy with very successful parents, always maintained a straight A,s and never got into any problems. But it was during the summer that Junior decided to go out with his friend and a couple of other guys that he did not know. To shorten things…

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