The Dangers Of Drinking Bottled Water

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We are pretty unaware of what is actually in their tap water in our homes. Most people are only informed by the news when there are outbreaks in our water supply resembling to e coli and deadly water amoebas. This usually tends to cause a scare and most people would think to solve this problem would be to start drinking bottled instead of tap water, but what do we even know about bottle water. Is bottled water better for us?
There have been a lot of speculations of tap water being bad for us especially when you hear about it being contaminated and causing illness. Yet, what many people don’t even realize that in fact tap water is ever more regulated and tested than bottled water. When you drink water from a plastic bottle you may think you’re
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The Food and Drug Administration, which regulates bottled water, only requires weekly testing and does not share its findings with the EPA or the public” (“Bottled Water Facts”). This shows that countless amounts of people could be drinking contaminated bottled water and they wouldn’t even realize it in till it was too late. At that moment when a person is in the hospital or even dies from that contaminated bottled water that company is forced to pull all those bottled water off the shelves. This causes several of those companies to cut a loss into their profit. Also, various amounts of those companies have even broken their own rules they have set up for themselves in order to bring in to a greater extent money for themselves. “The NRCD conducted a comprehensive four-year scientific study of 1,000 brands of bottled water. The results showed that one third of the bottled waters violated their own industry standards for water quality” (Elisbury). …show more content…
Most of this usually occurs when the water has been left in the bottle after a certain amount of time. The chemicals used to produce plastic water bottles can be more harmful to us then we know and recent studies show that these chemicals are subsequently transferred into the water they are drinking from that bottled

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