The Dangers Of Cyberspace : Identifying The Threats On The Web

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The Dangers of Cyberspace: Identifying the threats on the web in Charles Koppelman’s
Zero Days The documentary Zero Days, directed by Charles Koppelman, studies computer exploits and cyber-espionage that are conducted over cyberspace. This 2015 documentary interviews multiple professional computer hackers to explain what hacking skills they rely on in order to conduct either legal or illegal activities across the web. Whereas the scholars in this discipline focus on studying the psychology of hackers along with their communication skills used to deceive users online. Through interviews with professional hackers, this documentary analyzes why hackers are dangerous while scholars study their behaviorism and non-technical skills. Zero Days introduces the viewer to the annual hacker convention Defcon that is hosted in Las Vegas, Nevada. The purpose of this introduction is to present the environment the hackers participate in when they hack one another at the convention. Joshua Corman is interviewed in the documentary and gives the audience a clear understanding of who attends Defcon. Corman states in his interview; “It’s a collection of hackers that are good, bad, or indifferent.” The director of Zero Days focuses his documentary on two types of hackers, the “bad” and the “good,” just as Corman explained. The article Why Computer Talents Become Computer Hackers, by Xu Zhengchuan, gives a definition of what titles the “good” and “bad” hackers mean; “White hats are on a quest…

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