The Dangers Of Cyber Terrorism

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Terrorists should be stopped for economic importance and for people to feel much safer. The purposes of terrorism will be explained and discussed. What is terrorism? Terrorism is strongly affecting the world and should be stopped, the government has practiced terrorism to see terrorism related actions. Human fear is a symbol that people all over the globe are being greatly concerned of why terrorism is occurring and is characterized by the influences of using many forms of terrorism such as hacking Government facilities. In the past, terrorism has been compared with how the government works and has control over power. If terrorists get too carried away, then the government will use the power to hurt society and kill innocent people. There is no actual definition of …show more content…
Cyber terrorism could be also considered to be using the web to inform people of a Terrorist group. For example, hacking into a government control centers important files. However, people can protect themselves against the use of cyber terrorism. People’s passwords for google should be unusual, instead, check venders for for any new upgrades, or could create a unique email address and make it unknown to anyone. Using cyber terrorism is a serious crime and should be stopped. The CIA group keeps track of this happening daily to stop people from hacking others email addresses or passwords. ( More types of terrorism are: state sponsored, anti state, international, and domestic. They all involve with finding out information secretly by using terrorists groups. But terrorists focus on one part of a country at a time. Suicide bombings are used more frequently in this time period. These occur in Islamic States most often than in small cities. Terrorists could be planning an attack somewhere when people don’t expect it to happen.

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