The Dangers Of Childhood Obesity

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Fearfully Fat In today’s society, children are taught that “image is not everything,” and “just be yourself,” which is true, but people are taking this to the extreme. The motto “Just be yourself” is leading to parent’s indulging their children to eat what they desire, and not requiring their child to exercise just because the child is satisfied and content. Parents of morbidly obese children should be held to the same standard as parents who neglect their children. The reason being obesity is a decision and can be easily prevented. Upon entering a child day-care or an elementary school it is more common to observe children that are not only chubby but are considered overweight or obese. How do doctors determine that children are obese? According to The Journal of Perinatal Education, doctors measure obesity by the child’s body mass index (BMI). BMI …show more content…
Cancer is a horrifying experience for most people to endure. To think that parents could prevent their child from having cancer makes the parent seem careless, unloving, and irresponsible. Another side parents do not witness is when the child is at school. Other fellow classmates, especially at a young age, thrive on teasing kids who are different. By allowing children to be overweight or obese, it leaves them as easy targets to be known as “the fat kid.” As an obese child becomes older they usually make one of two choices to avoid being bullied or ostracized. They will either become anorexic, to the point where they remain malnourished and have to be admitted in the hospital and come close to death, or they will choose the option where they will go through their whole life with extremely low self-esteem that steers them to sadness and depression. Extreme cases of depression horrendously lead to suicide. All these major factors affect children physically and emotionally. This can be easily prevented by parental

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