Essay about The Dangers Of Cell Phones While Driving

1131 Words Nov 16th, 2015 null Page
Staying in touch trough a text is instrumental in the lives of teens. The inevitable constant distraction that flutters through our brains is endless when we drive from place to place. Cell phones are indeed, probably the best innovation that has surfaced, but has also posed many threats when it comes to teens and adults using their cell phones while driving. It is clear that despite cell phones being a great means of communications, using them during driving results in the distraction of the driver’s road safety. So, why do so many teens use their phones while driving and what are some of the long-term effects that can result from this. Nearly fifty six percent of Americans in the world have one.
The major drawback when it comes to owning cell phones is that it creates a distraction, which can pose a very serious problem when it comes to driving. Now than ever, teens are attached to the hip when it comes to their phones. Texting among teens has overtaken any other form of interaction with their friends. Texting has endured major change in the past several years with the appearance of smartphones. With everyday passing, technology is overtaking our daily lives. More than one in three U.S teenagers now use a personal smartphone. Mobile phones have changed the way society thinks, operates and communicates.
Cellphones have evolved from just a means of communications, to an entertainment device for them. When it comes to young teens, they’re by far the most eager texters by a…

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