The Dangers Of Cell Phones Use While Driving Essay

832 Words Nov 11th, 2015 4 Pages
Before you start reading this, get your phone, go to the last message you sent or read and ask yourself “Is this worth my or someone else’s life?” In the United States, more than nine people are killed and over 1000 people are injured every day by driving and using their phone. Phone usage slows your brake reaction by 18%. According to an AAA poll 94% of teen drivers were aware of the dangers of texting and driving. However, 35% of them admitted to doing it anyway, because of this, AT&T has started its most prominent “It Can Wait” campaign. “It Can Wait” is a campaigned aimed at informing drivers on the dangers of cell phone use while driving. Their campaign started in 2010 using stories of people who were personally impacted by the dangers of texting and driving. AT&T and “It Can Wait” are well-known for releasing vivid PSA’s showing relative scenarios. Their most recent commercial, “Close to Home” AT&T does a well job portraying their message about how nothing on your phone is worth a life.
[Heading 1] “It Can Wait” expanded its meaning of the word “it” in the recently released “Close to Home” commercial to show any cell phone use whether it’s texting, talking, surfing the web or posting on social media is worth someone’s life. The commercial depicts the ordinary day of six people, a boy riding his bike home, a man at a gas station buying a lottery ticket, a mother and her daughter run an errand, a woman tells an old man she’s going to water the grass. The ordinary day…

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