Cyber Bullying Persuasive Essay

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There are many who journey through a period where the strong oppress the weak, the insidious disarm the truthful. And we simply cannot ignore it. Efforts have been made in this country to prevent atrocities caused by bullying, yet sadly bullying will not cease. However, in our country, America has gone to great lengths in both limiting and preventing bullying. Nonexistent years ago, are now groups who help students cope with bullying, and schools spanning the nation have taken more of an active role in combatting bullying. Unfortunately, a new form of terror is slipping through the cracks of campuses, invisible undetectable and most of all, deadly. Through mere words now, without a face, a deviant can push another to commit suicide. This is cyberbullying involving a high level of cowardice, …show more content…
It will not end. Eliminating bullying from the world is only a dream. Bullying, however, can be limited and prevented. We can have the corporations who run social media outlets held more accountable to preventing bullying. This will make them take cyber bullying more seriously and be more responsive to flagging reports( Reporting Abusive Behavior). Also, for schools, there can be an implementation of an extension that allows for flagging reports to link directly to the schools the schools will be alerted of cyberbullying and can quickly charge of the problem( Flagging & Reporting Inappropriate Content). Bystanders can also use the flagging system and alert their school and also remain anonymous. However, organized flagging will be investigated and will be tracked. If the cyberbullying is using anonymity to avoid being caught, schools can get the state involved. Abuse on the internet is reported, but most of the time it is not taken seriously by big corporations or they are slow to respond. It is not reliable; by the time they take action it may be too late. If the flagging system was linked to schools there would be a faster reaction to the

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