Type 4 Study Guide

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Type 4 – A spirited soul
If you are a spiritual person, take a look at the law of attraction principles. Commit yourself to exploring all the ways you can use it. Go to a yoga class and meditate.
There’s nothing to lose, you can only feel better.
Type 5 – A realist
If on the other hand, you stand firmly on the ground, that doesn’t stop you from seeing things from a brighter angle.
One of the dangers of being a realistic person is becoming a pessimist. Don’t let it be you. Maybe it’s one of your traits that’s been annoying him all the time.
How to become optimistic when he’s ignoring me?
There are lots of things that surround you that can make you feel grateful and optimistic.
With this in mind, spend time playing with your pet if you have
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Not much. You“?
Be pleasant, but not too much.
Be open for a conversation yet not eager and desperate.
How to win him back and make him keep texting you without being obvious?
1. Ask him a question. However, imagine that he’s a new guy that you don’t have a history with.
2. By all means, DON’T mention what’s happened between you two. At this point, at least. Just keep it simple and positive.
3. If you’ve exchanged a couple of texts, suddenly end the conversation. Tell him you have somewhere to be and stop texting.
He’ll be astonished. You’ll leave him wondering what’s more important than him. He won’t be able to resist sending you more texts to find out.
How to get your boyfriend back if he doesn’t contact you?
If your self-esteem is low and you’re thinking: “I want my ex boyfriend back but he doesn’t want me”, keep in mind this:
In the first days after the breakup, your ex will do everything he can to stop thinking about you. He will try to block any beautiful memory of you so he doesn’t feel bad.
Yet, whatever bad happened between you two, he can’t erase the good.
Once the silence treatment is over, he should be done with cooling down and open for contact.
Maybe he’s afraid that you’re over him and his ego won’t let him call you

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