The Dangers Of Beat Anxiety Essay

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You Can Do This: Ways to Beat Anxiety

Let’s face it, we all worry at times, especially when we are going to face the uncertain outcome of an event or a reaction of a person. In other words, it is the unperceived dangers triggers by fear of the unknown that puts us over the edge. Our heart rate can be increased, poor concentration at work and school, sleeping problem, nervousness to about anything from family and friends to driving on a freeway. This is a sign of Anxiety, an anticipated future with sometimes the scary prediction that do not have any basis in truth, that significant enough to interfere with our daily function. It can happen with or without cause(s). Should this interruption continues and in frequent, it is recommended to seek medical help. However, should this panic is temporary. For example: Getting late to work, you forget where you have placed the car key when you came home last night from a ball game. Guests are coming over in 30 minutes for dinner, your dishes are not even half ready, and what are you going to do? We can relate to these events are physical and emotional responses to perceived danger; it is the fear of the anticipation of unpredictable event that follows. If it is a rare and accidental event, often people ignore it or just say “claim down, it is just a rush of adrenaline”. But if these events prolongs and increase in frequency, this may be a sign and symptoms for anxiety. It usually associate with increased heart rate, sleeping problem,…

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