The Dangers Of Abusive Relationships

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Some women don’t know what to do so they stay in the abusive relationship but you have to start somewhere. The first step to resolving any problem is to first acknowledge that there is one. Often times women mistake abuse as love and therefore accept it as a natural form of affection. This mindset is developed at an early age, either from watching their mothers being abused and staying in the unhealthy relationship or from being abused themselves and told that it was love. Whatever the case may be, it should be understood that any form of verbal, emotional, or physical abuse is not love. Love does not hurt. Abuse can begin in a simple form of manipulation, if someone is manipulating your thoughts and always trying to get you to see things the …show more content…
Some women believe in giving ultimatums or threats but I don’t find this to be useful. First of all, when you give an ultimatum you are simply giving him a little room to change for a short period of time and return to his normal behavior once things have died down. Ultimatums and threats never solve anything and can often make things worse. If he knows that you are considering leaving he may start making plans to harm you or keep you trapped. It’s easier to break off the relationship if you are not living with the abuser but it’s still risky, as he could begin stalking you or harassing you. However if you are living with the abuser, you will definitely need to plan a getaway. Start by having a bag packed and ready to go. Make arrangements with a trusted friend or relative to be available to pick you up if you need a ride. If you have young children you will need to plan how you can take them with you, although having children poses a huge challenge don’t allow it to stop you from getting out of the abusive relationship. Don’t expect understanding from your abusive partner. Don’t even try to explain, stand firm and stay quietly determined. It’s all about you now; your sense of self-worth; your recovery from the trauma that the years of verbal abuse have caused; your decision as to whether or not the relationship is worth trying to salvage to some extent. You have long earned the right to walk away, and your abusive partner or family member has long lost their right to talk you into

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