The Dangers And Opportunities Of The Common Core Essay

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rooks, J. G. and Deitz, Mary E. (2012). The dangers and opportunities of the common core. Educational Leadership, 70(4), 64-67.

Jacqueline Brooks is an Associate Professor at Hofstra University. She is in the Department of Curriculum and Teaching. She is a published author and noted instructor. Mary Deitz is a professor at Northwestern University. Her department strengths are in Critical Thinking and Feminist/Gender Studies. She has published books, papers and articles in the area of education. Deitz received her PhD at the University of California, Berkeley. Brooks and Dietz explain that standards are not bad, but that the Common Core Standards Initiative does not create a relevant learning environment. Brooks and Deitz explain the negative effects of the Common Core Initiative on students and how the initiative reverts teaching practice back to teaching the test. Brooks and Deitz report true reform in education is not something that can be measured by simple mathematical equations of multiple-choice tests, and that true reform must be done through research learning by professional educators. Their goal in writing this piece is to show that the problem is not the Common Core Standards, but instead it was to point out the fact that this should have been the job of the professional educator.

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