The Dangers And Effects Of Texting While Driving

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Many car accidents are blamed on distracted driving and most of the distraction is caused by drivers using their phones while driving. cell phones are used worldwide in most popular countries. The way to connect with friends and family is through cell phones while you are on the go. Most people just get the feel of having to check their phones to check a text message, or an email while on the road from phone calls, to text messaging, social media and sharing pictures. The power of a cell phone is really helping us stay in touch. But its also causing more risks for everyone. Mostly on people that are driving while texting. “Shockingly, texting drivers took their eyes off the road for each text an average of 5 seconds, which at 55 mph, means they were driving the length of a football field without looking” (Davis 2012). By only taking your eyes away from the road for a couple seconds, you run the risk on causing an accident that can be life threatening. “And this is extremely dangerous, as taking your eye off the road for just 5 seconds can increase the risk of an accident up to 24 times” (O’Callaghan, 2015). The lives of innocent people are …show more content…
In every state, drinking while intoxicated is illegal, just as most people believe texting and driving should be illegal as well. “Larry Copeland states that after a study was conducted at the University of Utah, it showed that driving with a blood-alcohol content of 0.08% is equal to texting and driving” (Brooke). If people were more aware of how close drinking and driving and texting and driving are as dangerous as one another, it would help everyone by informing them to always drive say while behind the wheel. Advertising and making commercials on how dangerous texting and driving is a really good idea to spread awareness and inform young drivers and soon to be a driver, on how dangerous it can get if you’re not being responsible at all

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