Bullying Should Be Taught In Schools

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Often time parents think sending children off to school will ensure them safety throughout the day. In most scenarios children are protected at school, but there are a few situations where children are not. Bullying is generally the case where children are not protected. According to statistics, 64% of children who were bullied did not report it. Only 36% of the 64% did report bullying to an administrator. If the children do not report the information to an administrator, parent, or trusted adult they will never be sheltered from the bullying. Bullying in schools is harmful to students and sometimes can leave a major impact on their lives. Some examples include causing children to attempt suicide, having negative physical, school, and mental health issues, or resulting in them developing low self-esteem. Bullying has been around for years and even decades. Kids just being kids is one thing but once the jokes are over and harassing turns physical, verbal, or psychological it is bullying. Physical bullying happens when a person(s) hit, …show more content…
According to the website article “Effects on Bullying” it is noted “Bullying is linked to many adverse outcomes including impacts on mental health, substance use, and suicide” (Stop Bullying.org). On the same website article it is also stated “Kids who are bullied can experience negative physical, and school issues” (Stop Bullying.org). Dealing with these tough situation can cause children to become down, depressed and to feel like they are nothing or nobody in this world. Bullying can get so carried away that children begin to slack in the school works. The mind becomes blocked by the bullying that the child begins to not comprehend the lessons being taught. From there, children start coming to school less and get behind in their studies. This eventually leads to the child’s GPA tremendously dropping and/ or the child just dropping out all

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