The Dangers And Disadvantages Of Facebook And Cellular Texting

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Register to read the introduction… “The use of Facebook in most countries tends to block out some disabled people and especially those who are visually impaired,” Jonathan Fiske an advocate for the visual impaired discuses. Since most phones and computers favour those who can see, this discriminates the blind. Facebook has developed recently; many people of the older generation cannot use it effectively. This means that they will be blocked from the information that is being passed to others. Effective communication does not discriminate; even those who are illiterate or not technology savvy should be able to communicate.
Since the increase in the use of Facebook and cellular texting, most people have avoided face to face communication. Not only does it affect a person’s listening skills, it also encourages laziness therefore breaking the connection of information and possibly causing wrong feedback. There are also the increased chances of misinterpretation that causes several conflicts; this is because most texts and Facebook posts are sent by people who are far away. This means that there is nobody observing the non verbal messages that the
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The barriers that communication faces on a daily biases are eliminated through the use of texting and Facebook, and therefore the transfer of a message or conversation is properly communicated. Proper communication acts as a tool, as information is well communicated so that any form of misinterpretation can be avoided. Even though the creation of social networks such as Facebook and the introduction of cellular texting may be viewed by some as a negative advancement in technology, it has become the best way to pass

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