Cell Phones: A Video Analysis

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I have mixed feelings about cell phones. There are many advantages and disadvantages to this new technology and it can be challenging to find a balance. The first video I thought was a little creepy, but had a good message about it. I can recall several moments where I was with a group of friends or in a waiting room for a doctor’s appointment and every single person was on their phone. We have become so consumed in constantly being on our phone and always checking social media sites and things like that, that we are missing out on what the world has to offer. I know for a fact that I spend way to much time on my phone and I want to make an effort to be on it less, but I know it is very difficult. The second video that I watched was the interview …show more content…
Stupid. I am also very close with my family, so being away from them has made it harder to communicate with them. I believe that I should limit my cell phone time to just talking to loved ones when needed and cut back on my social media time. Social media has more bad things about it than good. It is good to stay in contact with others who are around the world, but it has also come with a lot of negatives like taking our time away from more productive things and decreasing our attention span and even our self esteem. There are so many problems that I have found with social media, but it is even more of a problem that I cannot stop myself from being on it. I believe it nearly impossible to delete my social media because nowadays it seems socially unacceptable. I am hopefully that as the years go on, I will be able to control the amount of time spent on my phone and not feel stressed out if I do not have my phone around me. Finally, the third video really made me realize how addicted we are. I am proud to say that I do not text and drive because I have seen similar videos and I never want to be in that situation, but I know plenty of people who

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