The Dangers And Consequences Of Texting While Driving

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Register to read the introduction… When it comes to texting while driving, only about 1 out of 5 young drivers think that texting makes no difference to their driving performance.
The issue concern addressed here is not that mobile devices have become this great widespread readily available communication tooltool, but the consequences that it causes because of the lack of common sense of its use.
The primary concern is the results of the use of this device while driving. In 2011, 3,333 people were killed as a result of distracted drivers and an estimated additional 387,000 were injured (Distraction.govDistracted Driving, 2013). These findings should yield something to change, and distracted drivers should recognize the danger they cause. If they choose their social communications over a life, they should accept the laws and consequences for their choice.
Second Problem
Despite the statistics confirming the dangers of distracted drivers, legislation and regulations are not omnipresent in all states. There are much inconsistency and inequality among the states, which it seems to imply that the value of life is different depending
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The biggest culprit of vehicle accidents is text messaging. g, According to the research complete by Cooper, Yager, & Chrysler (2011) “when reading or writing texts, drivers exhibited reductions in reaction time”. Even with the shocking results, only 44 states, D.C., Puerto Rico, Guam and the U.S. Virgin Islands ban texting for all drivers. For otherFor the remaining six states without an all text bans, four prohibit all novice drivers from texting and three restrict school bus driver from texting (GHSADistracted Driving Laws, 2015). Every state should make public safety from distracted driving a priority by enforcing the same standard in every

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